After Google changed their Page rank checker Api url, some of the tools that are available online are not working properly. I spend a lot of time looking for an alternative page rank checking tool and tested a lot of online tools and apis, but if you need to check the page rank for a […]

Twitter RSS feed using PHP

Most of the bloggers(and developers), have at least once needed to display a twitter feed on their pages. There are a variety of ways of doing that, but today I`ll write about including a twitter feed in your blog using PHP. The code is pretty much straight-forward. The only thing you have to adjust is […]

ShiftEdit the online IDE

I`ve stumbled upon this helpful developer`s tool and I decided to share to anyone of you who occasionally have to code while travelling. It is a free online IDE with a variety of useful features. The service is called ShiftEdit and is suitable for coding in PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You […]

Many people are having trouble comparing dates with PHP, so I decided to introduce one function which makes the process very easy. The function is called strtotime and it is used to convert regular dates(Ex.: 2012-08-26 20:26 ) to Unix/POSIX time. You can check the definition of Unix/POSIX time in WikiPedia. Now lets see the code: echo […]

Unlike our other posts in the blog this one is not a tutorial, but a warning to our less advanced developer readers. Most of the beginner developers use PHP_SELF in forms, like the example below. <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="POST"> <h1>Sanitize your variables!</h1> Username: <input type="text"> Password: <input type="text"> </form> Some of you might […]