ShiftEdit the online IDE

I`ve stumbled upon this helpful developer`s tool and I decided to share to anyone of you who occasionally have to code while travelling. It is a free online IDE with a variety of useful features. The service is called ShiftEdit and is suitable for coding in PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You […]

Many people are having trouble comparing dates with PHP, so I decided to introduce one function which makes the process very easy. The function is called strtotime and it is used to convert regular dates(Ex.: 2012-08-26 20:26 ) to Unix/POSIX time. You can check the definition of Unix/POSIX time in WikiPedia. Now lets see the code: echo […]

Unlike our other posts in the blog this one is not a tutorial, but a warning to our less advanced developer readers. Most of the beginner developers use PHP_SELF in forms, like the example below. <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="POST"> <h1>Sanitize your variables!</h1> Username: <input type="text"> Password: <input type="text"> </form> Some of you might […]

This wordpress tutorial is intended to help wordpress webmasters, who want to use an affiliate program(such as AdSense) to monetize their blogs traffic. I`ve been searching for an easy and clever way to add javascript banners for a while and in this short tutorial I`ll share the easiest way I`ve found. After you signup for […]

I was browsing through the net researching for a project today when I stumbled upon something very interesting, which I thought was worthy for wordpress tutorials. I`ve had to reset wordpress administrative password many times and so far I only knew one way of doing it(besides the automatic emailer): using mysql access. Turns out there […]

In the sites I support I`ve seen many problems with the case-sensitivity of permalinks. As you might now part of the wordpress permalink sanitization process is converting the permalink to lowercase. In order to deal with the endless errors in webmaster tools I needed to find a way to reroute the requests for the uppercase […]