A lot of bloggers made the move to WordPress in the last few years, so I decided to write this article to explain to the beginner users what is WordPress really and help those of you wondering if they should give it a try. WordPress is a free web-based CMS(one of the most popular ones […]

While writing WordPress plugins you`ll occasionally need a way of creating a database table with your plugin, to store data for your features, oprtions etc.. This approach is not the best but it does the work. Important: Always do house-keeping on plugin uninstall. <?php /* * Create database for SERP History */ global $wpdb; if (!$wpdb->get_results("SELECT […]

While browsing in the WordPress directories, looking for a decent theme recently, I realized that the WordPress directory is growing so fast, that it has become extremely hard and time consuming task to find a good theme for one’s needs. In order to make it easy for you I have decided to make different compilations, showing you […]

When creating wordpress plugins, especially for the public wordpress directory, you must make sure that all plugin data is deleted on plugin uninstall. In this tutorial I`ll show you how to remove the plugins options when user decides to uninstall it. Using the wordpress api this is a fairly simple task. You just have to […]