Top five free WordPress themes – February

While browsing in the WordPress directories, looking for a decent theme recently, I realized that the WordPress directory is growing so fast, that it has become extremely hard and time consuming task to find a good theme for one’s needs. In order to make it easy for you I have decided to make different compilations, showing you great free WordPress themes I’ve found in my searches. This is just the first post of the series, but I plan making similar for business, responsive, mobile, html5 and all other kinds of wordpress themes that come to mind.

1.Twenty Twelve

Free WordPress theme

Of course the top spot in my compilation is the one and only Twenty Twelve, build by the WordPress themselves. I`ve actually tested the theme, and it is great give it a spin and I`m sure you`ll enjoy its simplicity.

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Responsive - Free WordPress theme

The second theme in my compilation(and my previous theme of choice for is called Responsive, a truly great free/responsive/ WordPress theme, frequently updated by its authors works great in any device I’ve tested on. Just don’t mess it up by creating non-responsive page templates.

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AccentBox - Free WordPress theme

The third theme, I came across recently but it looks fantastic. It can`t be found in the WordPress directory unlike the first two, and requires a simple signup process, but hey…it is free.

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4. Coraline


The fourth theme in the compilation is build by Automattic, I truly admire their work and I`m sure any theme they’ve build deserves a place in this compilation. FYI the current theme I`m using is also developed by Automattic(it is called Esquire if you’re interested  and you can find it in the WP directory). In fact give all their plugins and directories a try I’m sure you’ll find some very useful stuff.

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It is not only the name, the theme is also great. I really like the way it looks. It features a jQuery slider, pinterest-like post loop, and fat footer. It requires login to download, but it looks great so I think it is worth it.

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