Gray screen when compiling your android application on phonegap`s online service

I`ve been doing android applications using the PhoneGap(cordova.js) Framework for a while, and recently I came accross a very strange problem. I usually use eclipse to test the apps on my phone, but when it is time to release them to the client I build them through PhoneGap`s new service( which builds your applications in the cloud. I`ve never had any issues with it, until recently. My app was working great when I tested with Eclipse, but when I uploaded the source in phonegap, compiled and installed on my phone the only thing I got was a gray screen, no error nothing…just a gray screen. I started debugging, going thought the code, and lost a great amount of time. The solution is simple:

When building your apps in the phonegap`s online service if you come accross the same problem turn-off Hydration for your app(You can find it in your app`s settings tab), that should do the trick.