Is WordPress MultiUser right for you (WPMU)

Whether you`re running a small business and want to host your several projects, or run massive organization with hundreds of sites, wordpress multiuser is the solution for you.

  • Centralized management system
  • Easy upgrades…Imagine you have 14 separate wordpress sites. Keeping in mind how quickly wordpress evolves you`ll have to upgrade 14 sites every few months, which means backups, downtime on each site. How about a hundred sites? When you upgrade a WordPress MultiUser all sites in the network upgrade at the same time, which is a massive time saver.
  • A lot of free plugins and themes
  • The content from one site is completely isolated from the others


  • Eats a lot of server resources
  • One major point against WordPress MultiUser is that if something fails all sites on the network will be down…I`ve come across these kinds of situations numerous times in my work. I`ve seen how a bad wordpress theme takes down a network of several hundred sites for days, before we find the problem.


Many people use WPMU for link building, which requires the addresses of all sites on the network(used for link-building) to be different. Mapping the domains by itself is not a problem, but if you need them on different addressess you MUST have a VPS, so if you can only afford a shared hosting this solution won`t be appropriate for you.