.getJSON showing cached results on Phonegap Android application

This tutorials is not WordPress related, but it took me hours to figure that out, so I decided to share anyway. I was developing an android application with phonegap recently and at one point I noticed that the user`s rating(which I used .getJSON to obtain on page load) was from yestarday. I started debugging and I went through the whole javascript a number of times, but everything seemed normally working. It turned out that jquery mobile is caching AJAX requests. The solution is pretty easy…DON`T USE SHORTHAND FUNCTIONS while developing android applications with phonegap and jquery mobile. The solution is the following:


url: "yourpage.html",
context: document.body,
cache : false,
data: {
email :  $('#email').val(),
passphrase :  $('#passphrase').val(),
success: function( data ) {
// On success function

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