After reading different point of views and experimenting with solutions for months I finally decided to write a wordpress tutorial about what seems to be the right way of implementing WordPress`s TinyMCE in your plugins. I`ve tried every possible known way and they either didn`t work or broke every editor in the site. Most of […]

Recently i had to find a way to List subcategories the way wordpress lists posts. After some extensive searching and facepalming that this isn`t included in the built-in functionality I started researching how to develop this and stumbled upon wordpress page templates. I found that to be the easiest way to build and use custom […]

The main goal of will be to provide our readers with free space for personal blogs including the optimizations we make, and the plugins we develop. The free blogs will include 10MB space for contents, so try uploading any massive media in Picassa/Youtube/ or anywhere you find appropriate. If anyone is out of space […]

UPDATE: You can find a premium version of this plugin including all accented characters here. Several weeks ago i had the tough task to find or code a plugin that will let us keep swedish accents in wordpress permalinks. I only found one plugin that does this in the WordPress Plugin Directory, and of course […]