While browsing in the WordPress directories, looking for a decent theme recently, I realized that the WordPress directory is growing so fast, that it has become extremely hard and time consuming task to find a good theme for one’s needs. In order to make it easy for you I have decided to make different compilations, showing you […]

When creating wordpress plugins, especially for the public wordpress directory, you must make sure that all plugin data is deleted on plugin uninstall. In this tutorial I`ll show you how to remove the plugins options when user decides to uninstall it. Using the wordpress api this is a fairly simple task. You just have to […]

WordPress is known for its simplicity and user-friendly administration, however when you build e project for a client, with no previous experience with the WordPress CMS , you always instruct him to avoid going in the Permalinks area or frequently changing the site`s title or tagline. A better solution to that problem would be to […]

After Google changed their Page rank checker Api url, some of the tools that are available online are not working properly. I spend a lot of time looking for an alternative page rank checking tool and tested a lot of online tools and apis, but if you need to check the page rank for a […]

One of the greatest features of WordPress is “Custom Post Types” I`m planning on dedicating a whole section of the site to this exact feature, because the information I found when researching about the topic was very poor, and some of the things you might need weren`t even documented at all. The first topic I […]

Twitter RSS feed using PHP

Most of the bloggers(and developers), have at least once needed to display a twitter feed on their pages. There are a variety of ways of doing that, but today I`ll write about including a twitter feed in your blog using PHP. The code is pretty much straight-forward. The only thing you have to adjust is […]