How to add a banner in your blog`s sidebar

This wordpress tutorial is intended to help wordpress webmasters, who want to use an affiliate program(such as AdSense) to monetize their blogs traffic. I`ve been searching for an easy and clever way to add javascript banners for a while and in this short tutorial I`ll share the easiest way I`ve found.

After you signup for your affiliate program and get the javascript code for your banner you have two options for using it in your blog:

  • Hardcode it in your theme(I strongly discourage this option unless you`ve developed your theme)
  • Use a plugin

The plugin I`ve found to be most suitable is called HTML Javascript AdderYou simply install and activate it, go to Appearance->Widgets, drag the widget to the area in which you want the banner shown and paste the banner code.
So, for example, if you want an AdSense banner in the sidebar for your blog the settings would look something like this:

How to add banner in your wordpress blog`s sidebar